Amusement: Nothing EP

by Keenote X Rude Max

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Written by: Keenan Nerby (Keenote)
Produced by: Evan Ferris (Rude Max)
[Except #8, "No Title" was produced by: Grave Slave]
Album Artwork by: Neeko Page
Cuts on tracks #5 & #7 by: Enkrypted
Features by: Rude Max, Wormwood, Lige Newton, & Pretty Ugly
Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by: Shadow Devereaux at Rezerected Records Studios.


released April 25, 2014

© RezErected Records



all rights reserved


RezErected Records Missoula, Montana

RezErected Records is a independent record label owned and operated by Shadow Devereaux.
Contact Info: Shadow Devereaux


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Lige Newton
Pretty Ugly
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Track Name: Anti-Christ Complex
Think of this as special
A breath of a fresh steaming mess
Shoveled with that rubble
Trouble minds my evil threats
Mountain climb until you see an apex
Short of a war waged yet
I'm sort of a lord ain't it?
Foreign to Hell's basement
You're horribly bound and gagged with
Those soaking disordered pages
They concealed your fate dear
That you teach to your ministry and singing stings
My ears will bleed
Your joy reminds me of misery
Meet in the middle
Enemies in a common place
They say, "like men let's talk it through"
I chewed up their speech
To each their own and each infant in a sleeping home shrieks
Should have left a lightbulb on, see
I'm left. Brightness in my scorned dome
The lightbulb above my head
Sounded better through the phone
Did I forget to dial?
Or was it my denial?
We can't coexist
I've been dead for awhile.

Reboot the public into diluted numbers
We drink soup for supper and reuse that hunger
We're the wonders that you're under
We chewed the sucker
We choose to suffer, motherfucker.

Found a crazed kid
Walking in the rain with
Not a soul around
Hell, his soul was on vacation
Someone did you wrong
And they're gonna pay quick
He had a switchblade
He just needed some persuasion
First, who's to blame
For this dissonant pain lived
Second, throw that shame away
But that's more basic
Third step, new neck
More ventilation
Fourth, of course
Get that fucking body off the pavement
Clean up the rest is up to you
Don't worry bout the spinning lights
Even if they're red and blue
Trash heaps work
His family's not concerned
Lowlifes killing lowlifes
Is how the world burns
Shown light and hold tight
He's got him in an urn
I never said collect your debt
Go back and check the terms
You signed it like finger-painting with a pin prick
Your blood is your oath
Your oath is diminished.

I'm proud you stood up to your troubles
Crowned kings need no doubles
Now if we can discuss the payments
He's dead in the ground
And never got famous
Track Name: Roar Shack (feat. Rude Max)
Rude Max:

I forfeit, my cores in torment
my soul must forget, my war with porcelain
i'm more than morbid, disturbed distorted
important to say the least, yo fuck your horse shit
with evil endorsements and homies that smoke weed
of course enjoy it, perfection is guaranteed
i'm born to be a devil and rock some angels wings
same day, that Richard the Lionheart was crown king
i'm so stoned, enclosed in my home
alone, i'm so numb, i'm dumb cause i'mma a stoner
but i'm in love with hip hop and music
and maybe, someday, somehow i'll be the damn owner
cause i'm the rawest, awaiting my nostradamus
the monster up on the beats they all call beholder
on my shoulder are demons who throw boulders,
i'm so stoned, i'm stoked to get stoned-er

You should stop
I got few loose thoughts
Not screws, but a few crews taught
If your art ain't skewed by the dark just stop

I forfeit
My lord extorts flesh
A tortured soul gets what they should, correct?
Bring it back
The future isn't what you're ready for yet
Stacks of ash covering your warm bed
Attach to your past to what classmate had you most stressed
Attack synapses trying to form in your head
They can't get passed an ever-present Taurus
He's ran by man
And has the same motives
We left a trail of ooze so move lightly
My heavy trodden path deforms and turns slightly
More forward towards the proverbial light, please
Soar with those scores of incorrigible right wings
FIghting my team post edit
Your life's been wiped clean, no credit
I'm all about sightseeing, so instead of
Hiding in your basement lets do something better
You're bringing whips and chains?
My tongue can do the same
The sentiment's been drained
Now only sin remains
Could have corrected all the shame
But you've been a player in love with games
Found a fraction of some fame
Frantically fashioned a feeble team
Which in my eyes might drive a drink down my beak
If I awoke one day as a shepherd with no sheep
And everything I speak became an echo back to me
I'd be just about as bitter
Your nice family's abandoning you.

You should stop
I got few loose thoughts
Not screws, but a few crews taught
If your art ain't skewed by the dark just stop
Track Name: Kaleidoscope Pt. 1 (feat. Lige Newton)
I fell asleep
Time at the time was mixed and matched
Memories of evenings past
Convoluted into a looping mash
Not a good phase
No good days
No words saved me from myself
I would say, "I don't need your help"
Ignorance and resourcefulness
Led into a pit of hopelessness
Left me feeling dry and sly
Even if I was fully sick
I was testy with the fester
I never watched that weather
Eyes stared straight into the ground and waited for that rotting to occur
I was amazed at how ways of caring less about love
And more about drugs had me building an ego
Forgetting fear and trust
And to the dear I lust after
Filling your ears with chump chatter
I had no motive but I knew what I captured
Here's what I gathered
I'm not dumb and I wasn't a negative person
But when you spend your days trying to worsen what you really should encourage
The minute that your mind gets back to working
You got to clear it of that bird shit
Burned in curses hurt worse if you flirt with perfect

Pet me like I'm drugged up
Like the days that lasted til sunup
A methadonia dumbfuck
Piles of powders left by dumptrucks
Hundreds of comeups just to get down
Stay down, stay fucked up
Haven't eaten in days and I feel great
No questions
Who needs a thrill when you can stay in your comfortable depression
If it wasn't the pill that pulled the slipknot it at least increased the tension
And baby we're so good at just hanging out
Swing danced away momentum from the chandelier in my house
I fucking doubt I would've had it any other way
A hard headed good egg on his good days wasn't hearing what you say
I live for hear and just today
In the now and just to play
Awful mind-state, and fake
Insufflate what I put on this plate
I hate how I could've been great
I take for granted all the chances you gave
I fixed my ways and now I'm trying learn how to save
But every night it still feels like I got two feet in a six foot grave
If you cheat death he'll come back one day
Give him a reason to wait.

Lige Newton:

I fell asleep
without a single memory
of what my mother would mean
with every kiss,
and every tuck of my bedsheets.
she never left,
she only said goodnight.

was she so proud
when there is no promises in prediction.
pick your weapon of choice
and choose your addiction.
Track Name: Kaleidoscope Pt. 2 (feat. Pretty Ugly)
Wake me up
Fair is fair I've had enough
Double dared out a casket
Clamped wrist in the snare
And sand drips were unfair
Zip lips and the black bag
I'm the embodiment
Of your pharmacologist environment
That was wrong but lived incautious
With a caustic wish to fall in pits
Met a Molly and she was falling quick
A set of follies then we crawled into abyss
A bitch they said, I called her quits
Sister wouldn't snitch
Suitably distant I wish that
We went back my mission
Would be to show you the person you were missing
Give time to my family not a pill ridden vixen
Lit a Marb in the kitchen
Sniff sniffin' gripping a beer I was sipping
One eye closed I appeared to be kicking
Breathing awfully but my fear was in remission
Little did they know I would keel over sick when
I fell all the way home and landed face down
Memory foam never said that I'd drown
I was never evil but I had my doubts

Lige Newton:

Did you ever uncover your ugly face?
Take a pill for the pain, and kill all the evil with over the counter laced?
One drink and dreaded dreams become stayed up to late.

and when I wake
let the new day sunburn my bedridden face
with fact or fiction,
dreams or visions,
and the feeling that your pleasant memories are now forgotten.

and I am awake
what is this taste?
I am awake,
but I don't feel a thing.


I woke up to a new world
And broke down when the noose twirled
I fell apart when the rope broke
But I was pieced back together with some bowl smoke
I was in a slump but I'm out now
Peaks do exist in valleys
You just have to travel to find out how
Lights do exist in dark alleys
Don't be afraid of the changes
Familiar comes from the strangest
Don't just shoot if it's aimless
Because not all targets are brainless
Not every heart is so painless
There's still fire in the land of the flameless
They don't really care what your name is
You can fucking die and still fell awakeness
Track Name: Theme Parked
A freak to destiny
Second guessed those steps
And left me a trembling mess
I mean instead of lean
I shook mean
And literally couldn't seem to stop the seize
I ought to cease
I've been taught peace
Still sin caught me
So when taunting
My crooked will will probably lean towards the offering
Fuck remorse reach for those pills
Start gobbling mouth as wide as the Big Sky
Pez dispenser in real life
But what goes in stays in, fight
Back that waste that's inside
Trying to escape to save your life
But that's fifty bucks
Don't puke up the goodnight

Unless motions make you start to spin and writhe
I've been on every thrill ride
But still got time
See my habit hugged me
Like cords corralled your budging
I hung with shady company
All their mommies loved me

Summer dreams are more suitable in Winter
A dozen drinks sacrifice for sleep
My poor liver
Sorrows from my past make me think thicker
So when you fall right off my wall
Something must've tripped ya
Outta my house
Another drink down
I said that I'm sorry so hear me out
These here shouts will turn screams now
I'm fucking sorry
Tears streak down
Cared less bout the caress
Then I did for the stared at bare flesh
Sex turned so tasteless
Methadone mended relations

Unless motions make you start to spin and writhe
You've been on every thrill ride
But still got time
See my habit hugged
Embrace us, we're lovely
You, me, and the other me
Three's company

A proudly had
Good time gone bad
What a future, fucked plans
Cruised cool, then crashed
Two fools approach me
I grin and I laugh
No one will touch a blood dripping sociopath

This wavy motion has my stomach in a bind
I hate fucking thrill ride
But I'm still in line
I had a habit and you, lucky
Gotta hand it to you, trusting
In a junkie's suffering's one thing I could never do
Track Name: hAlways
These halls are infinite
And portrait I walk past
Seems to follow me with it's eyes
If I pause the outstretched
Hands seem to touch me
If only I were two dimensional
The steps are slow
The depth unknown
I'm not perpetual
I'm eventual
Too much scooby snacks
I'm woozy falling in booby traps
A solid floor collapses
I fall flat on my ass
Is this another corridor?
Floors and floors of boring art
I can't wait to hit bottom
The tops where I start

If you aren't providing me love
Say goodbye to me
If you aren't providing me blood
Stay outside please
High beams in my dreams
Dreams of floating high seas
What do they mean to my being

Chill, temperate zone of my skill
Clandestine that I fill
With swill to make your vibe real
Light talk, six shots, lazy eyed, then pissed off
It's a phase I'd hate to miss
Not a way of existence
Slipknotted my angsty ways
Till they lost movement in their face
I wish I had the drive to attempt this maze
A place, gothic how they decorate
Halls that dissimulate the pitfalls of keeping pace
We'll devolve to second place

If you aren't providing me love
Say goodbye to me
If you aren't providing me blood
Stay outside please
High beams in my dreams
Dreams of floating high seas
What do they mean to my being

Now I was passive, but this castle must be mastered
It would take the toughest bastard to remain in it held captive
It's all classist
Good, bad, and magic
I shook mad at the masses
I took maps for granted
I look passed the fans of which
choose the books and their chapters
They cook up madness
I coup up sadness
Pro or epi, my dialogue's directing
Your view on this hallway
And if the fucker's got an ending

If you aren't providing me love
Say goodbye to me
If you aren't providing me blood
Stay outside please
High beams in my dreams
Dreams of floating high seas
What do they mean to my being
Track Name: Amusement: Nothing
Everything I knew is now never
Too confused to do better
I remember a house full of friends
Well fiends, and each parted my pleasure
That bill blanketed that pill
Anxious as hell for the Crushkill
Waiting for a smell to chill
Let that unkept garden wilt
No beef, the farmer's ill
Sorry still, I meant to call you back
Instead I called in sad
I love my bed but my monster
He's been mad
Relax too much you'll relapse
React too much you'll need that
Leaning awkward with a somber tight jaw
And my paws gripped to my knee caps
Could he try to steal these tabs?
No he's family, Jesus
So it seems
But only human beings
Can still have demons intact
Gotta lotta love to give
But I think I'll keep it for the time being
Attached to my bed again
Shadow stretching up the slanted ceiling
That's all mental illness is
I want a dead head
Not some mellow movement bitch
I'm sick of seeing red
Still convinced there's other colors
But I have yet to see them
You thought this purgatory was scenic
But till Hell I haven't seen shit

Let me process
It goes from bad to bland to dead
To back again, happy then it takes your girl hostage
No note
Her captor needed the company
He has what he wants from me
My art may be suffering
But my heart feels nothing
Let the strong hold the wait
Amusement Nothing
What's there to create if
Amusement Nothing

Formed a can-do attitude
Into a candid latitude
And that hand that I handed you
Did more than that man can do
He's not a fan of truth
And I'm a fanatic
Hobbies are my habits
Branded like cattle is
If the saddle fits don't adjust
Destructed trust
Atrophy amazes me
Utter pain, shuddered breath
Dope factories raised me
They're guilty of neglect
Defended you to the point
Maybe you sensed some affection
I let my empathy get the best of me
I am the king of misconception
And I'm sorry for the mention
No name though, you know yours
Just because we find our savior doesn't mean he's our lord
Resurrected and the only message that I brought forth
Was it's dark and cold
A spark couldn't hold
But Satan shared his torch
Corridors so small, your breath escapes you
Shimmy through the hall as the bones and skulls scrape you
The whole populous is rats, I'm not being hateful
But you would eat through your family if I dropped a fucking crumb from my table

Let me process
It goes from bad to bland to dead
To back again, happy then it takes your girl hostage
No note
Her captor needed the company
He has what he wants from me
My art may be suffering
But my heart feels nothing
Let the strong hold the wait
Amusement Nothing
What's there to create if
Amusement Nothing
Track Name: |BONUS| No Title (feat. Wormwood) [Prod. Grave Slave]
Take my guns and leave me weed
Save the wolves and kill the sheep
I believe in Nothing
More music than enemies
I'm one panic attack away
From having to lacerate
And snap my brain back to pain
Happily sad's a shame, really
Hansel had bread to lay
Gretel was dead to me
Childhoods don't matter if they only want your resume
I've been neglecting things
It's been depressing me
A session in the studio will curb it for about a week
Something's coming out of this dark house I've been devoured by
It's certainly not me, but God it sure looks like I
got my hoody up on some fuck the good guys, goodbyes
And all the look alikes in his life get despised
He's so throwed solo
De-throned pro-bono
He don't know his no-no's from his O.K.s and "go slows"
You wanna know my history, I bet you that that ghost knows
I'm a fucking mystery
Your eulogies, I wrote those.


The pain past his eyes like the smoke from the gunpiece
blowing holes in his soul the game is played til the fun cease
maybe the player can keep pace til he hits the paydirt
yeah he make the lames hurt but this strain ain't working so
we gotta switch it up he said from the bathroom
blowing lines of linsinopril trying to get his brain to act soon
that zoom that zip that zazz, it has been,
missin for awhile credit goes to style resurrectors
revilement revived fresh enough to make your neck hurt
much like the network, implanted in the best earth
the yes sirs of these silly leeches ain't enough to appease
life'll burn til the pain cease we're caught up in the same crease
so leave he me we, whichever you prefer
you'd be better off digging for fire in the dirt
building empires is work but I guess its pretty worth it
when the only alternative is getting lit and feeling worthless
the injection hurts yes but its for the good of everyone
just keep your eyes out the window know the feeling of the setting sun

Striving, stri-striving for some insight.
Striving, stri-striving for some insight.
Striving, stri-striving for some insight.
The flames rise high on the riot I incite.