Medicine Cabinets (SINGLE)

by Keenote x Rude Max [Prod. by Graves 33]

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Written by: Keenan Nerby (Keenote) & Evan Ferris (Rude Max)
Produced by: Graves 33
Engineered & Mastered by: Shadow Devereaux


Verse 1 (Keenote):
What am I supposed to be impressed by?
Your breast size? Those dead eyes?
I stand by what was said my heads clear. My hands clean.
Fought against prose bed side poems knowing well I'd wrote them lines about 3 different times in three different ways.
Feel free to refrain.
Deemed vain turned me afraid to act out how I think.
Captain capsized by drinks. Drank enough to be frank.
Meek and delayed. Weekend debates. Freaks and mistakes.
Meet me today I need to create a reason to date while it's easy to stay depressed hid away.
Concepts creep all day like a disturbing dream. We seemed OK.
Supposed to rest my head but was arrested with a stress headache.
It's not a test it's just an experience I need to fix my fear of bliss and see her lips as beauty. It's my duty. I'm doing this.

Hook (Keenote):
I'm doing this, I'm doing this, I'm doing this lowkey (repeat 3x)
Drink, consuming, sip, consuming sip, consuming me.

Verse 2 (Rude Max):
what am i supposed to be impressed by?
the kiss of all the flies, the kinda way you say you wish i’d died
tell me twice, tell me why you said you’d take my life, is that nice
is it really that hard to be my wife,
bitch i gave you everything i had, i never wanted to be your man
so i would talk to every girl in the world, just to make you mad
just to make you sad, just to hate your dad
i told him i would never take you hand in marriage, take it back
fade to black,
todays the date to find a great date to take back, and make it fast,
tomorrow’s heart will collapse
and pass, i need a day to get away from all this pain up in my brain, and make it last,
i must relax
blast brass horns hard in my chest piece
rise of alive man, fall of a dead beast
that is at peace, within me at least
but not with you, cause that would be stupid of you to do, so bitch please
tell me why you put up with my bullshit
i’m on the last sip and we’ll never be full fifth
shitty, there i go, drinking, guess you didn’t know
i’ve been sinking on this boat, it’s for the best, i float alone, i’m not doing this

Hook (Keenote):
I'm doing this, I'm doing this, I'm doing this lowkey (repeat 3x)
Drink, consuming, sip, consuming sip, consuming me.


released August 5, 2014
---Graves 33 released his instrumental album entitled "Smoked Filled Rooms" on July 10th, 2014 and offered artists a chance to use his beats non-exclusively, Keenote & Rude Max chose #2 on the list of 16... buy Graves' new Instrumental album here:



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