Wandering Mind (feat. JJ Jones) [SINGLE]

by Pretty Ugly

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Written by: Shadow Devereaux, Riley Roberts & Justin Evans
Prod. by: Dronejones



Staring out a foggy window, with this foggy mentality
Nobody said this dog eat dog world, would be so simple
This head is in the clouds, but I'm still sitting down
The flower I've been consuming for the last hour has me smitten now
Brown eyes, might as well be black, I'm lost inside yours baby
And I
Don't know if I'm coming back
I've been wandering around and lost a lot lately
Even with all this love, you can still find the means to hate me
Two faces aren't better than one ever, so quit the faking
I feel like quitting now, the ground is shattered
I'm the only one left on this pillar, no ones here but it doesn't matter
Is this what I've always wanted? Or was this my subconscious?
Telling me I should be isolated
Where it's complicated for me to get out of
You can play my heart strings
Make a tune that's beautiful
But if you break the strings or hurt the heart
I'll always act unusual
Most days I'm in a mood that makes being around me so suitable
But if you break the strings or hurt the heart..
I'll always act unusual

Lige Newton:
You're too pretty to push my buttons
And I'll break under pressure
So don't push my buttons

JJ Jones:

Gazing out this windshield humming along to a beat,
Consistently so sweet watching the rain drops fall on me,
Obviously I miss your touch more than your fuck ups,
Nobody can save us from ourselves when we hide behind the make up,
Taking trust mixed with lust and you’ve found vulnerability,
Humility was willing me to lie back down to sleep,
Creeping into heaven higher then I’ve been in weeks,
Heavy is the head that where’s that halo shooting speed,
Give what you can’t keep whisper please, please, please,
Feasting on the sheep from our dreams, dreams, dreams,
I’ll wear this broken smile while we exchange speech through screams
For a while it seemed you were uneasy towards these,
Serendipities, that life can truly bring,
Glass half empty mentality what the hell is empathy?
Making this machine really wasn’t all that easy,
Break one of my heart strings watch me sink so deeply.

Lige Newton:
You're too pretty to push my buttons
And I'll break under pressure
So don't push my buttons


released January 30, 2014



all rights reserved


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